From bouquets and centrepieces to arbors and large-scale installations, Rikki Marcone Events caters to clients who regard flowers as cultural and artistic expression.



Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Rikki Marcone was gifted with a wild imagination and desire to explore. This instinctive longing for learning lead her down a continuous journey of self-exploration through travel and professional experiences. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, wandered through Europe and Asia, tossed and turned for years in her bed at night, to then realize that the only thing in this world that her heart beated for was this Earth and all the gifts it bestows upon us daily. The changing of seasons, the impact of wildlife, and the Earth’s unrelenting way of repairing itself after the wildest of storms inspire Rikki, not only in her designs, but in her day to day philosophies.

An avid yoga practitioner, she is in love with animals (namely her dog, Chloe), black tea with milk, her good mother and working with her hands. Her plants are her children and her home is her jungle. Her art is her life, her freedom of expression and her way of sharing her light with the world. When she’s not playing with flowers, she is reading, refining her skills, travelling and singing along to her acoustic guitar.