4 Realistic New Years Resolutions for Wedding Entrepreneurs

 Image by Fox Photography

Image by Fox Photography

It’s that time again, time to evaluate, set new goals, and feel crappy for failing at last year’s resolutions. Cut that negativity out NOW and start thinking more realistically. You’re not going to finally start that P90X, write your autobiography, or read the Bible cover to cover. You’re busy and you’re constantly evolving. Here are my recommendations for more appropriate New Year’s resolutions for a smooth, rewarding transition into 2018.

1. Be more mindful of what you put into your body

Like clockwork, the holidays end, you look at your waistline and think, what a wonderful time to make weight loss a priority – the exact same thoughts you had last year and likely the year before that. While I would never undermine the importance of health and wellness, this resolution is often the first one that gets swept under the rug by the first weekend of the new year. Scrap that unneeded pressure – you’ve got a million things on your mind.

Instead, make an effort to be more mindful of what you are consuming and healthier trade-ups. Instead of sugar in your coffee, use honey. Instead of using cream in a recipe, try natural yogurt. Our society is NOTORIOUS for over-consuming. Be mindful that most people around the world make due with far less. Don’t up-size your beverage and don’t have bread with dinner – you’re likely already full without these. Taking small shortcuts like these may help you to lose a few pounds, feel better and more energized to focus on your busy lifestyle. You get out what you put in.

2. Stop being so hard on yourself, trust the process

The truth of the matter is, we all thought we’d be a lot farther ahead by this age. What you thought you wanted to be as a child may have evolved into something completely different and THAT’S OK! You’re ultimate happiness is the goal above all. Stop comparing yourself to others, everyone has their own unique story, advantages and disadvantages. Remember, our cities, our governments, and our societies were all built by people no smarter than you or I. You HAVE the power to make a difference – you just need a plan.

3. De-clutter

While each creative mind is different, I know that I find it harder to concentrate when I’m surrounded by clutter. This is especially true for entrepreneurs working from a home-office. Get rid of any inanimate objects that don’t spark an emotion or memory. And for Pete’s sake, if you haven’t worn that sweater in the past year, you ARE NOT going to wear it again. Do it a favour, give it a new home. Someone else will surely appreciate your generosity.
Image Source: These Tings Take Time

4. Connect with your soul

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle, especially after you’ve put so much energy into your start up and your business finally takes off. While this journey is an exciting one, it’s easy to lose yourself in your work. Remember who you are, your values, where you came from and who got you here. You’ve heard over and over, find time for yourself, avoid the burnout, blah blah… You think it won’t happen to you until suddenly *whoops*, it does. Find ways to connect with your soul, make time for this and actively practice. Some people find this through exercise, meditation, a reflective cup of tea. I find my zen by losing myself in a good book, cooking an extravagant meal or spending an hour with my guitar. Whatever your pastime is, find it, love it and nurture it. You are the most valuable asset you have.