Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Date

 Photo: Elizabeth in Love

Photo: Elizabeth in Love

Sometimes the very first tasks in the wedding planning process can seem the most daunting. Picking your wedding date can be one of those. While I would always recommend giving yourself at least a year after you get engaged to allot for dress fittings, showers, bachelorettes, etc., each couple is different and has different expectations for what their big day will look like.

In an attempt to relieve some of your wedding planning stress, here is a list of some factors that may be overlooked when considering the date of your wedding.


There is a reason the spring and summer months are considered “high season” for weddings. The weather allows for strapless dresses, outdoor photos and cocktail hours on sun kissed patios. If this is the wedding you picture for yourself, you’re going to want to pick a date within these warmer months, knocking off at least 6 of the 12 possible months to get married in.

High/Low Season

There is an established high and low season existing in the wedding industry. Most couples prefer the warmer months making this the high season and driving vendor prices up. Couples can save quite a bit by getting married outside of the warmer months. And why not? There are many venues that are spectacularly gorgeous on the inside and face it, those FAUX-fur bolero jackets are stinking cute.

Day Of The Week

Saturday is generally the most ideal day to get married, making it the most expensive. Venues try to fill their Fridays and Sundays by offering them at a lower rate. Over the past year, I have certainly seen an increase in clients taking advantage of the cost savings. If you are a little more price sensitive or simply prefer to allocate more funds elsewhere (like décor or elaborate food stations), consider getting married on a Friday or Sunday of a long weekend.

Availability of Venue/Vendors

If you already have an ideal venue in mind or a florist that you simply can’t get married without (cough cough), your wedding date will have to coincide with their availability. Have an ideal date in mind when approaching your vendors but have a few backup dates in case they are already fully booked.

In-Season Flowers

If you are a die-hard fan of peonies and NEED them in your bouquet, centrepieces, etc., than you know you’re looking at a May/June wedding. Some people have sentimental connections towards particular blooms and incorporating them into their special day can mean the world to them. If this sounds like you, make sure you know when that flower is in season wherever you live to avoid expensive importing costs.

Out-of-Town Guests

If you will have a lot of guests coming from other places, you may want to consider a time of year that would make it easier for these guests to attend, i.e. perhaps a time when flights are cheaper or when accommodation will be more easily accessible and reasonably priced. If these out-of-towners are particularly important to you, their schedules (while they may be flexible) can also play a role in your date selection.

Your Work Schedule

Teachers have the summer months off and accountants are typically crazy busy leading up to tax season. Whatever your occupation, there may be times during the year when it will be difficult to get time off or more stressful times when you’ll have a hard time leaving work at work. Your wedding should be as stress-free as possible; you don’t want to be hunkered down with thoughts of deadlines and added pressure on your coworkers. Having some extra time to take care of last minute details doesn’t hurt either.

Your Future Anniversary

Think about your anniversaries to come. Scheduling a wedding on or near a close loved one’s birthday could potentially cause conflicts in the future when you’ll be torn between celebrating the birthday and spending the weekend away to celebrate your anniversary. If possible, keep these dates separate. Your anniversary should always be special and unencumbered.

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